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Bible Study & Church School - 8:45
Worship - 10:00 am 
Spanish Worship (1854 Amsterdam) - 10:00 am (1st Sunday)
Love Feast (1st Sunday) 9:30 am
Holy Communion (1st Sunday)
Holy Baptism (3rd Sunday)

Bible Study - 11am, 1pm, & 7pm 

New Disciples Class - TBD (Check Events Calendar)





"St. Luke Church family extends to you a most cordial welcome."
" (La familia de la iglesia de St. Luke desea extenderle una cordial bienvenida.) "




"Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their
faith in Christ Jesus." (1 Timothy 3:13)


St. Luke A.M.E. Church, New York, NY Serves with the Spirit of Excellence! We are committed to provide Excellence in all levels of Ministry in order that individuals might grow, be enriched, be educated, and be blessed in all facets of their lives for God's Glory.



OUR MISSION: The "E" Factor
The Principles of Excellence

eWorship We gather together first and foremost to Worship God because of who He is, for His name is Excellent. We worship God not for what He has done, but because of who He is.
ePraise We give unlimited Praise to God for His Excellent greatness through singing, lifting of hands, dancing, etc. We believe that we are called to give God unlimited praise.
eStewardship We exhibit Excellence in Stewardship by giving what is due unto God through our Time, Talent, & Treasure.
eLeadership We provide Excellence in Leadership by leading from the front and showing appreciation for all people for what they can do and give to the ministry.
eStudy Excellence in Study includes studying God?s Word not only on church time, but also on our own time. We encourage others to be excited about God?s Word and to join us in our study of God?s Word.
ePrayer Excellence in Prayer includes praying to the Lord on a daily basis and being sincere in our prayers. We believe that there is power in prayer, for it is our main communication with our God.
eLove Excellence in Love includes all people showing love like Jesus Christ loved.
eDiscipleship We believe in training people in Christian Discipleship to be better disciples of Jesus Christ. Excellence in Discipleship includes following the statutes of Christ.
eFellowship Excellence in Fellowship includes staying in consistent fellowship with God and with others to create a healthy atmosphere to live in holiness.
eOutreach Excellence in Outreach acknowledges that we are committed to reaching out to the community, to help those who are in need. We are committed to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and providing resources for all individuals who are in lack.
We are here to glorify God, and to evangelize the world?effectively equipping the saints of God to minister to a dying world. Our goal is to recruit, gather, encourage, teach, and send out new believers so that even more believers will be gathered and God will be given the glory